Andreas Schaab

Andreas Schaab


Hi everyone!


My name is Andreas Schaab and I am from Buchen – a very cozy, little town in the so-called Odenwald about an hour from Heidelberg. I joined the Life-science Lab in 2008, delayed my actual involvement for a year, however, since I spent my high school year 08/09 in the US (Skowhegan, Maine). Currently I am a member of the Economics, the Chemistry and the Philosophy working groups. 

Frankly, becoming part of the International Science Academy in San Francisco 2011 has been my ultimate goal since my very first day at the Lab; not only because I want to go to college in the US but mostly due to an inherent drive to gain more knowledge and broaden my understanding in economics - a feeling most of you, I imagine, can empathize with. That being said, I am pursuing an internship at either the Stanford Institute of Economic Policy Research or simply an independent research project in cooperation or under the supervision of an economics professor at Stanford. To be more precise (especially for those of you who are actually interested in economics), I would like to explore the fiscal and monetary policy measures enacted by the US government and the Federal Reserve after the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008 as well as the differences between their respective results. Initially I thought about analyzing recessions in general, especially those in the 1970s, and draw comparisons to the current financial crisis as they are the only ones as yet initiated (at least partially) by a supply shock, which is to be seen as the main reason for the difficulty of dealing effectively with the downturn. At this point I would like to encourage everybody who is interested in economics in general or the subprime crisis and its aftermath in particular to contact me. I would be more than happy to answer questions (as far as I am able to, of course) and discuss one or the other issue with you.